Monterey Beach Wedding and Golf Course Wedding Photography; Only on the Monterey Bay

With its beautiful beaches, dramatic cliffs and gorgeous scenery, The Monterey Bay area is one of the most picturesque places on earth, and it’s also a favorite site for many Monterey destination weddings. Whether you’ve chosen to be married on the beach or on a golf course, you can expect to be surrounded by amazing views during the ceremony and reception. You’re probably also looking forward to having some fantastic wedding pictures taken, but unless your photographer is experienced in working outdoors, you may not get the results you are expecting.


Under the right circumstances, you can get some great pictures by the beach, and this is part of the challenge. The early morning and early evening hours tend to be the best times for taking pictures along the coast. Bright sun, cloudy skies and fog can make it difficult to get the best pictures, but with the right skills and equipment, an experienced photographer can produce exceptional work in any weather and at any time of day or night. If you’re getting married at one of the beautiful golf courses along the coast, your photographer should be able to capture the lush grounds, the sea and the sky and artfully blend them together. Also, if you hire a photographer with working knowledge of the Monterey area, you’ll have a better chance of getting the kind of pictures you really want.


At Manuel Ortega Photography, we specialize in taking great wedding pictures in any setting. Whether you’re getting married on the beach, on a golf course or at a vineyard, we have the right experience to ensure that your photos are truly amazing. Our intimate knowledge of the Monterey Bay area allows us to easily take the best shots at any location or time. Additionally, we believe that good photography is more than just getting the right shot of a person or place. We feel that exceptional wedding pictures capture your emotions, thoughts and actions and weave them into a wonderful keepsake of your special day.


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