The Importrance of Hiring a Professional Monterey Bay area Wedding Photographer

This is an excerpt from a book I’m reading titled “The Art of a Wedding” by Cherie Steinberg. I found this to be VERY TRUE:


1. One of the biggest tips I can give you is – and it’s so important I am going to boldface it and shout – DO NOT SKIMP ON THE PHOTOGRAPHER! Find one you REALLY like and pay the price – even if you hire them to photograph the wedding now and you have to wait to buy the album
or images. And by all means, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! I have heard a thousand stories how couples hired their friend’s friend or a cousin to photograph their wedding, and at the end of the day there was not even one image that they liked. A very sad story.


Choosing the photographer is probably the most important step you will make after you choose your Bride or Groom. Please don’t laugh here. The photography industry does not require any kind of a license or a degree. Therefore, there are many people that pick up a camera, create a business card, have good marketing skills and are likable. But they are not good photographers. There are many stories of people that did not get even one photo that they love from their wedding. This is a tragedy!!


2. The photographer can make the wedding. They are like the psychiatrist, the fashion photographer, the stylist, technical engineer, psychologist, mother, father, friend and comedian. They are your eyes and your ears. They may even make or break the wedding. The photography decision is the one where all your guests will either say, “Wow, what an amazing team of people you chose. They were incredible, capturing every detail of the day.” Or they will be the people that the guests will say, “Hmm, what a jerk the photographer was.”


Love your photography studio and then love their images. The relationship between you and your photographer needs to be very personal. It’s like choosing the right doctor or the right house. It is a very important decision. If you have to get a cheaper cake or get chicken instead of beef, do it!! Take the $1000 savings and transfer it to the photographers. Your photographer will create your family heirlooms. That is why you need to get the best photographer you can afford. To give you some perspective of how important this person will be in your life, I’ll share with you that many of our clients become personal friends. Our studio later photographs their pregnancies, their children, and their families. We are included in all family functions and photograph them for years to come, and oftentimes photograph extended family, neighbors and friends. We become woven into their lives.





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