Why Choosing the Right Salinas | Monterey Makeup Artist is Important for Brides

Most brides-to-be stress over their dress, shoes, the cake, the guest list, the right Monterey Bay Photographer and a myriad of other things that they dread may go wrong on their wedding day. Yet, far too many neglect their makeup choices. While it may seem straightforward, your wedding photographs can turn out to be a disaster if your makeup is done incorrectly, so you should only trust the job to the right professional such as Bianca Giuriato at M.U.A.H. Makeup & Hair, winners of the prestigious “Bride’s Choice Awards 2013” Only the top 5 percent of wedding makeup artists nationwide win this award & they are located right here in the Monterey Bay area!


Five Reasons to Choose your Professional Makeup Artist Wisely


There are a number of reasons to choose a professional to do your wedding makeup. These range from getting a flawless finish with quality makeup, to having someone who understands the intricacies behind wedding photographs and what works for different weddings. As you plan your big day, remember the following:


1) You need a makeup artist who understands lighting.


The relationship between makeup and lighting must be recognized or you risk shine reflections or even whole areas of your face being blotted out by light once your photograph is taken. In fact, some makeup is specially made to reflect light to create a glow while some naturally reflect it despite not being made to do so. Someone who has worked with different makeup or various professional Photographers in Salinas will be able to make the best choices based on past experiences.


2) The wrong foundation can cause unwanted shine.


Powders and foundations differ in how they reflect light, so they can look very different in photographs. The wrong makeup can cause your face to look shiny or bright in some areas, causing your skin to look oily or uneven. Additionally, badly applied makeup can cause reflections because it simply does not show up well in flash photography.


3) You need to look natural.


A competent and professional makeup artist knows that the best choice of makeup is the one that works with your skin tone, since this will give you the most natural look in your photographs. You therefore need someone who will match the perfect colors to create a palette that compliments you. He or she will also have to keep your theme, venue and the time of day in mind.


4) Blending is important.


Your wedding photos will not look good no matter how great your face looks if you fail to blend your makeup well. A professional makeup artist will know how to blend in your foundation so that your face and neck match. Otherwise, you could have the horror of your head looking as if it belongs on a different body.


5) The Ingredients Matter.


Makeup with sunblock sounds like a good idea, but it can contribute to “ghostly white” images. In fact, anything that says “titanium dioxide”, “aluminum oxide” or “zinc oxide” can cause your face to look whiter than your body once flash is used. A professional makeup artist should know what can and cannot be used under the circumstance. Be sure to stay away from silver eyeshadows and other shimmery products as they tend to photograph in baby blue.


Lastly, makeup done incorrectly can run, fade or crack and this will look horrible once captured by your Salinas Wedding Photographers. There is no guarantee you will be able to pull away from the festivities, so you want a look that will last. Plus, even if you do get to freshen your makeup, chances are there are bound to be a few unflattering photographs taken in between trips to the bathroom. Why risk it?



Bianca has applied her wedding makeup artistry at weddings in Monterey CA, Carmel CA, Pebble Beach, Carmel Valley, San Jose, Santa Cruz,  San Francisco and destinations throughout the country. She can be reached on her blog as well as her Facebook page.