Manuel Ortega Photography Opens New Location in Monterey, California

Manuel Ortega Photography Opens New Location in Monterey, California


Passion for art and attention to detail distinguish the best wedding photographers, and Manuel Ortega decided to open a new location in Monterey to make consultations more convenient for customers on the Monterey peninsula and provide dramatic settings for local shoots.


Monterey, CA, January 03, 2014 –(– Manuel Ortega Photography proudly announces that it has opened a new office in Monterey, California, to serve customers from San Francisco, San Jose, Carmel, Santa Cruz and, of course, Monterey. The new office is located near historic Cannery Row that John Steinbeck immortalized in his novel of the same name. Clients can attend wedding consultations, sit for Corporate Head Shots and arrange family photos while enjoying the stunning shores and ambience of San Carlos Beach. You can arrange photo shoots along the beach, visit picturesque cannery buildings and charming gift shops or tour wineries, parks and signature area attractions after your photography appointment.The new location will make it easier for many clients to meet with Manuel Ortega because many had trouble getting to Salinas. Ortega specializes in wedding photography, and the new Monterey location has fairy-tale charm and convenient access to California’s central coast community. The photographer explains that wedding photography is a holistic experience and couples should capture every aspect of their marriages with engagement photos and informal shots as well as formal wedding shots. Ortega anticipates that many clients will fall in love with Monterey and choose local beaches for wedding venues and engagement photos. “As an artist, the wedding day is my canvas, and my ability to anticipate and capture those fleeting moments of laughter and tears is what drives me.” Ortega has many years of experience capturing signature moments with memorable photography and transforming photos into living and breathing works of art. 


Destination Wedding Photography



Manuel Ortega Photography tells your wedding story through a unique style of photojournalism that beguiles viewers while giving an accurate representation of love, family, friends and events leading up to the actual ceremony. The Monterey Bay area photographer chronicles destination weddings worldwide but focuses on the local communities of Salinas, Big Sur, Monterey, Watsonville, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Carmel, San Jose and San Francisco. Couples can tell their story through a unique blend of candid and formal shots that allow their true personalities to shine through in high-definition.



Giving Back to the Community



Choosing a photographer is a very intimate decision, and California’s central coast residents happily provide glowing recommendations and testimonials of Ortega’s skills, lighthearted personality and artistic vision. People don’t choose artists based solely on skills, and Ortega impresses many clients with his commitment to local causes, experience with high-profile events and down-to-earth personality and humor.



– Ortega takes part annually in the Birdies for Charity event that benefits the YWCA of Monterey County for domestic violence and intervention programs.
– The photographer donated his time, materials and skills to chronicle Tatum’s Garden, a Monterey Bay initiative to provide a safe and secure place for children to play, socialize and learn.
– Ortega sponsors a customer-submitted photography contest that feature senior portraits he posts on social media forums. Social media users then “vote for the best” portrait. Contest winnings include a free high school senior portrait for the one that receives the highest votes.
– Celebrities often choose the photographer, and local news anchor Michelle Imperato booked Ortega recently for her upcoming Pebble Beach wedding.



The Best Photography Captures Life as Art



Manuel Ortega Photography adheres to Ortega’s personal philosophy of support for family, community and real experiences. The talented photographer finds magic and art in everyday life and offers the following services for clients:



– Wedding and engagement photography in a journalistic-type study
– Location shoots of baptisms, children, birthdays and anniversaries
– Classic family photos and memorable artistic shots taken in stunning Monterey Bay locations
– Photos of children from maternity to graduation
– High School Senior Portraits that capture a teenagers true personality
– Photos of parties, special events, holidays and celebrations



About Manuel Ortega



Manuel Ortega began pursuing photography at the age of 13 and photographed his first wedding at age 18. Although Ortega has been in business since 2005, he has taken professional photos since 1990. Self-taught and observant of the smallest details, Ortega preserves the magic of events, places, people and relationships. Although specializing in wedding photography, Ortega also takes stunning maternity photos, portraits, family photos,  and high school senior portraits that families can treasure for generations.

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Why Parents Should Choose Their Salinas Senior Portrait Photographers Wisely!

Choose your Salinas Senior Portrait Photographers Wisely!



Senior Portraits are about more than just taking pictures. For this reason, you should choose your Salinas Senior Portrait Photographers Wisely. They are about celebrating an accomplishment that you waited years to enjoy, recognizing that your child has reached this milestone and creating a memory to look back on together. In fact, this is seen as a rite of passage for many seniors, so you must choose wisely to ensure that the image you preserve is one you are happy with.


Why the Monterey, Salinas Photographer You Pick is a Big Deal


Whether they are for seniors, the family, or a couple, photographs are intended to be forever. That said, you want to ensure that the quality is pleasing and the final outcome is something you actually want to look at. The simple fact is, your high school senior will only reach this mark once which means there is no “do overs”.


Things to Keep in Mind


Experience Matters


You want your child to be comfortable, captured in a flattering way and looking great. Randomly choosing someone with a camera can mean sacrificing one or all of these. Professional Photographers in Salinas who do senior portraits on a regular basis will understand all the do’s and don’ts, be able to give important advice to get the best shots, and should be able to help your senior relax. The one you choose should also be able to work under different conditions to ensure that a little mishap does not ruin this important day.


Owning a Camera and Having Credentials are Not the Same


Many people walk around calling themselves “photographers” when in fact they merely bought a camera and computer graphics software. This is not the same as being a trained professional and the quality of the photographs they develop often confirms this. Ask for the necessary training credentials and ensure that the person you choose is trained. It may seem unimportant, but the Best Portrait Photography does require the right technique. Additionally, you want to ensure the person you choose has all the necessary equipment required.


Portfolios Say a Lot


Background, makeup and use of props can all enhance or spoil senior portraits; you should therefore go through the photographer’s portfolio and decide if you like what you see. If not, chances are you will not like your photos either. Remember, however, that the subject is often responsible for a lot of what goes into the shot, so do not peg too much on this. The key is to see if there are any commonalities among the images that simply make them bad. Plus, a good photographer does everything to prepare the subject, so if everyone in the portfolio is unflattering then it may suggest that the person really does not care.


Passion Helps


Some experts recommend that individuals only use photographers who are in it for the love of taking pictures. Granted, making a living is a big part of choosing a career, but Photographers in Salinas who genuinely love taking photos are likely to put more effort and pride into the process. They are also likely to be more patient and natural which could help set your senior at ease. You also want someone who will be open to new things instead of sticking to their own “artistic vision”.


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